Meet our team


As the fearless leader, mastermind DS strategist, and Chief Motivator, elaine pours her heart into crafting perfect tactics for every race. She knows everyone’s strengths and weaknesses like the back of her hand and plans to maximize them. When she’s racing, elaine loves the thrill of being the carrot on short steep climbs. But her real goal? Crossing the finish line with her team — no matter what it takes.


She arrives raring to go from the get-go. Whether she’s bringing up the rear or sprinting to the finish with her teammates, she’s eternally stoked to be riding alongside her team.


Wendy’s Badass! Goin’ strong at UCI age 80 – what an inspiration! Fierce as a tiger, tough as nails. Collects National Champion Jerseys like it’s nobody’s business. Rock on Wendy!


A cycling powerhouse, fierce and focused. A true ride-or-die on the team, warm-hearted, always with a smile. A shining example of kicking butt with a good attitude.


Arlyne’s got badass written all over her. Positivity is her superpower. She’s a ‘cautiously’ optimistic beast before every race. Uphill, she’s like a bunny on Red Bull.


Yo, check it! Pam’s the real deal on the bike. Always cool, calm, and collected, she’s a force to be reckoned with on the racecourse. She’s like the Mighty-OWL of the GC team!


Catherine’s always ready to sacrifice her own glory for the good of the squad. When it’s time to finish, she unleashes the fury, unleashing a wattage that would make Thor jealous.

TTT Grand Masters *

Team OWL - First all women’s UCI 60+ Grand Masters TTT team!